Hi, I'm Haley!


Hi, I'm Haley Bec! Over the Christmas holidays I decided to start a food blog. I will be photographing and cooking through my grandmother's cookbook, and including other recipes on the blog too! My goal is to expand my food knowledge and skill (and confidence!). I also want to explore what inspires me as a baker and a cook. I hope you enjoy!

Things I love

  • baking (and eating) meringues
  • practicing yoga
  • taking pictures of the sunset
  • wine dates
  • watching period pieces on netflix ex. The Crown, Downtown Abbey, Call the Midwife
  • marshmallow banana candies
  • cheese - all types
  • chips - most types

Things I sometimes love

  • cooking
  • taking pictures / editing pictures
  • Instagramming
  • tomatoes (you have to catch me on the right day)
  • eating "healthy"
  • swimming in water

Things I do not love (hate is a strong word!)

  • bananas
  • dressing up for Halloween
  • cheesecake, all flavours are a firm "no thanks :)"
  • driving in the snow
  • writing (but I am working on it!)
  • rides at amusement parks, I have a remarkably low g-force tolerance

Click here to read more about what lead me to create this blog :)