Steak and Mushroom Pie

blog post one

When I lay in Savasana before my yoga class begins, I let my mind wander. I make up stories and fantasize about the future. In these stories, sometimes I run a yoga studio. Or maybe a cute bakery/coffee shop/yoga studio (multi-tasking at it’s finest). Or maybe even a wine bar. Sometimes I'm a cheese maker (!) or, I make olive oil in Italy. Pink Le Creuset dishes. Living in a farm house in France… they are endless! (And ps., this is the exact opposite of what you are supposed to do in Savasana).


So recently I was thinking, what's in the way of me living one of these stories? I honestly thought of a bajillion excuses. One of them is that I live in eastern Ontario. Another is that I buy the cheapest olive oil in the grocery store that has an easy pour spout. Anyways, we are often confronted with opportunities we don’t take. I read that in a book, and it made me think. What is something right in front of me that I am too scared to pursue? Something specific came to mind that I think about often - starting a food blog.


Over the holidays I had some time to think and this is what I came up with: My grandmother co-authored a cookbook published in 1994 called The Farm and City Cookbook. The recipes tell stories of the seasons and days on the farm, and are linked to my family, my grandmother's past neighbors and friends. I love reading the stories embedded in the recipes and throughout the book. They bring me back to my childhood days spent on my Grandparent’s farm. The book is like a little time capsule. Why not cook my way through the book and blog my adventures as I go?! How fun! I grabbed my camera and started to take pictures in my mum's cute kitchen before I had to set out on the 7 hour drive back home. I am fully committed now! Wish me luck (and luck to my taste-testers!).

Ps. I've included pictures of Christmas Eve at my mum's house; steak and mushroom pie with sticky toffee pudding for dessert. Enjoy!